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  1. Greek Wildflower Honey - Silky
    Sold Out
  2. Greek Pine Honey - Classic
  3. Lia Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Journey of Salts | World Edition
    Sold Out
  5. Natural Coarse Pure Sea Salt from Messolonghi
    Sold Out
  6. Navarino Icons Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle
  7. Navarino Icons Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin
  8. Olive Spoon Sweet
  9. Pasteli Sesame Seed Bar with Honey
  10. Oregano from Taygetus Bouquet
  11. Oregano from Taygetus Glass Jar
  12. Rosemary Leaves Glass Jar
  13. Sold Out
  14. Selected Bay Leaves Glass Jar
  15. Sweet Marjoram
  16. Sold Out
  17. Smoked Chili Flakes Glass Jar