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  1. Yiayia & Friends Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Oregano from Taygetus Glass Jar
  3. Unique Greek Sage Glass Jar
  4. Eleia Balsamic Vinegar | 200ML
  5. Wild Thyme Flowers Glass Jar
  6. Rosemary Leaves Glass Jar
  7. Journey of Salts | World Edition
  8. Selected Bay Leaves Glass Jar
  9. Twisted Salad Servers | Small
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  10. Mia Moretti Low Touch Economy Volume 3
  11. Rustic Salad Bowl
  12. Taupe Swirl Medium Colander
  13. Sea Glass Swirl Medium Colander
  14. Mia Moretti Low Touch Economy Volume 2
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  15. Apron with Anchor | Tan