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  1. Coconut Haus Candle
  2. Baja Kiss Lip Scrub
  3. Surf Haus Home Parfum
  4. Poolboy Body Glow Oil
  5. Make Waves Sea Salt Hair Tonic
  6. In The Buff Body Buff Scrub
  7. Beach Haus Candle
  8. Mermaid Body Buff Scrub
  9. Coco Glow Body Glow Oil
  10. Coconut Cleanse Soaking Salt
  11. Karma Cleanse Candle
  12. Karma Cleanse Home Parfum
  13. In The Buff Body Glow Oil
  14. Mermaid Body Glow Oil
  15. Coco Glow Body Buff Scrub
  16. Beach Haus Home Parfum
  17. Karma Cleanse Soaking Salt
  18. Poolboy Body Buff Scrub
  19. Travel Spray No.04 Eau de Parfum
  20. Travel Spray No.13 Eau de Parfum