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Kult & Yenden

Jewelry brands Kult + Yenden have joined forces with famed Miami eatery Mandolin Aegean Bistro and their lifestyle shop Mrs.Mandolin, to curate a limited-edition collection to celebrate and honor Women's Day.

Kult & Yenden

Limited Edition Women's Day

This is a match made in heaven. Even though these brands are distinctively different when you look at them individually, they share the same ethos while using natural and sustainable materials. I love the fact that they aren’t similar and that the contrast between the two materials creates this absolutely beautiful and organic-feeling piece. Both brands have the same minimal sensibilities and attention to detail in everything that they do.

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Royal Palm Necklace

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A.  /  Anastasia Koutsioukis

 How would you describe this collaboration?

This is a match made in heaven. Even though these brands are distinctively different when you look at them individually, they share the same ethos while using natural and sustainable materials. I love the fact that they aren’t similar and that the contrast between the two materials creates this absolutely beautiful and organic-feeling piece. Both brands have the same minimal sensibilities and attention to detail in everything that they do.

What does it mean to be launching this collaboration in honor’s of women’s day?

I’m fortunate enough to work with women I not only respect and adore but I can now call friends. I’ve become friends with every brand I carry, and it comes from a genuine place. I first love what they do and then that passion translates onto a human being. I’m not conscious about it but a large portion of the brands I carry are female-owned. I would say about 90% of the brands in the shop are female run. It makes sense that that we are doing this collaboration around that and for women in the field. 

What kind of impact do you hope to have with this collaboration?

The impact is more about exposing these beautiful brands and most importantly, Miami-based brands. A lot of people don’t realize that we have such homegrown talent in our backyard. The quality can stand up to any brand that is out there right now in their respective categories. There is power in coming together, and a force in us coming together. The three of us can have a louder voice when united. These are one-of-a-kind pieces so any person who is lucky enough to own one, will have a heirloom for life. I see them as pieces of art and it is important to show value to these two makers. Jenny and Jessie are both artists at their core. 

Why is it important for women to support each other?

I always find this is a tricky question because I’ve never not supported other women. Life wouldn’t be as exciting if you were just on a one-lane highway. The nature of what I do as a shop owner or shopkeeper is nurture the collaborations with other brands whom I love and believe in so that we all flourish together. 

I couldn’t have a store if I didn’t have other partners involved and I call them partners because we’re in this together. If we support each other and we do well, we all end up doing well together and that’s one of things that’s so great about owning a shop, it’s a collaborative effort. Its not about you and your brand but rather the brands you choose to carry and who you choose to surround yourself with, that energy translates itself. 

meet the founder

J.  /  Jenny den Hartigh

What do you do?

I’m a jewelry designer.

How did you get into doing what you do?

I've always been an avid 'collector', our home is filled with shells, stones, antiques and other treasures picked up all over the world. I probably made my first piece of 'jewelry' when I was about 8, most likely made out of shells and beach glass that I had collected visiting the Mediterranean every summer with my family.
After moving to the US I worked in the fashion industry for many years, was always making new pieces and bringing them to photo shoots since people were always asking... I just kept creating and selling what I made, had trunk shows here and there and many lovely private clients. Slowly this turned in to my brand Yenden.

What are the best things about what you do?

Meeting interesting people from all over the world, being able to be creative and independent.

What are the challenges?

Time management…Having my studio at home … Since I’m a bit of a micro manager, it is hard to give up parts of my business that I really should …

Describe a perfect day:

I wake up somewhere in a village in the Mediterranean in the late summer,  go for a walk, ,smell the pine trees, the water, swim, have an outdoor lunch with friends then get transported to a cosmopolitan city like NY,  Paris, Barcelona,… and go to all the flea markets, vintage, antique jewelry and design stores, walk around all day , visit a museum, go for drinks and a nice outdoor dinner, talk til late and end up in my bed in Miami where it is winter.

List your 3 passions in life: 

Traveling , jewelry , interior design (as a spectator sport)

If I could transport you, where would you want to be right now?


Travel bucket list/Next travel destination:

Maybe Vietnam, mainly for the food

Alter ego:

Minimalist and organized ☺ 

What’s on your turntable/Spotify?

Jamiroquai, Talk Talk,  Faithless

Favorite color combo:

Camel with most colors.

Top food memory:

Having barbecued fish on the beach in the Algarve

What’s your go-to specialty dish/cocktail?

Roasted chicken, simple salad, glass of wine.

Last meal on death row:

Fries from Belgium ( no, they are not from France…), a mâche salad with mayo, a crusty baguette with Jamon Serrano , sliced very thinly and eaten separately but at the same time …not as a sandwich, I mean.   I gave up eating pork and beef and only allow myself this a few times a year so most definitely on death row. How did I end up here?

Favorite Mandolin moment:

When I walked in and discovered there actually was a place like this in Miami…

Favorite Mandolin dish:

Toss up between the grilled prawns ,octopus and the roasted branzino. Take the yoghurt home for breakfast yoghurt should stay in the bowl when you turn it upside down , in my opinion.

What is your definition of simple pleasures?

Being with friends, having a nice dinner and a good conversation

meet the founder

J.  /  Jessie Bonne

  1. What do you do?
I design timeless jewelry that accompany people every day and become part of their story. 
How did you get into doing what you do?
I have always been a jewelry lover. As a kid, I would always ask my mom to show me all her jewelry and tell me the story of each piece. Later on, I started collecting vintage and antique pieces, but never thought about making my own jewelry though. It happened organically.  While living in México, I would not find the kind of pieces that I liked, so I simply started to make them for myself. 
People around would ask me for bracelets, and my friends motivated me to show my work. I found an incredible artisan that helped me materialize my vision and everything started. We are still working together.
What are the best things about what you do? What are the challenges?
The best part of it is definitely the human factor. To get to know people along the way, to collaborate with incredible persons, nourishing both myself and the brand. 
Also, there is that special feeling when someone falls in love with your work, and an interesting connection. It´s like without really knowing each other, we just recognize each other.
The challenges are multiple. This was not my world at all, so I had to learn everything. I am still learning, actually. 
Describe a perfect day:
It starts with a good coffee and almond croissant at home. Museum or architecture visit. Flea Market.
Nice lunch with friends. Big table, mezze, everybody sharing the dishes, good laughs. The kind that starts at 3pm and finishes at 8pm or just transition into dinner. 
  1. List your 3 passions in life:
Traveling. I love to discover new places, observe how people live, learn from them.  
Treasure hunting. You name it: furniture, home accessories, jewelry. I love vintage and antique pieces and enjoy the whole process:  hunting, spotting, and, of course, getting back home with a piece that has its story. 
Jewelry: I am hooked. I love to create beauty and love the idea that you can take it with you everywhere, anytime. 
  1. If I could transport you, where would you want to be right now?
The last months really confirmed that for me it is not about where, but rather with whom.  So, if you can also transport my closest friends and family, I would like to go to El Escondido, in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Just regroup, take time to reconnect and create new memories together. 
Travel bucket list/Next travel destination:
My top 3: Greece. A safari in Botswana. New Mexico. 
Had to put at least one option that is realistic on the short term. Lol. Seriously, I am curious to get to know that region, and I really want to visit Georgia O´Keeffe´s Ghost Ranch.
Alter ego:
That´s a tough one. I think my alter ego is a colorful character from the 70´s. 
I have the hair, I guess that´s a start. lol
  1. What’s on your turntable/Spotify?
Lately I have been listening a lot to H.E.R, Rhye and to Malavoi (an amazing band from Martinique that instantly takes me back home).
Favorite color combo:
Black with beige or camel. Simple, elegant, always accurate. 
Top food memory:
I still remember the first time I ate a salt baked fish. Such a simple, minimalist dish. It just felt so faithful to the flavor of fish. I love sea urchins. In Martinique, it is considered the ultimate treat. 
The best one I ever had was with my mom and a friend on his boat. He disappeared in the water for like 15 minutes and came back with some urchins that we opened right there and ate raw, with lemon. I cannot get over it. 
While in Tokyo a few years ago, I had my first omakase experience with a young sushi chef. The ritual was amazing. Every bite was a surprise. Simple, but precise and sophisticated. All in the ingredients. 
And the fact that there are only 8 people seating makes it very special. 
  1. What’s your go-to specialty dish/cocktail?
I finally learned to cook the salt baked fish last year. It´s my go-to. The cocktail would be an Aperol spritz. Easy, fresh, feels like summer. 
Last meal on death row:
That raw sea urchin with the full experience of being home with the people I love, enjoying the sea. No need for fancy food or setting. Just need a knife and some lemon to enjoy the sea urchin. 
  1. Favorite Mandolin moment:
  2. Every moment at Mandolin is an experience, but there was a time, when my mom was visiting, and we just went for a Turkish coffee. It just felt like home. Sitting in the backyard, sipping coffee and talking. Now… If the Mrs. Mandolin moments count, my favorite moment is any meeting with the team. It feels more like a friends’ reunion. There is always a good matcha and good conversation with ideas for new jewelry coming up.  
Favorite Mandolin dish:
I´m definitely a fish lover and I enjoy simplicity. For me the grilled branzino is the best. 
What is your definition of simple pleasures?
Spending time with the people you love. 
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