Daphnis & Chloe Greek Mountain Tea is sourced from a family farm on Mount Parnon which for years has been cultivating the local variety of the region. It grows wild on the mountainsides, and the sweet floral fragrance adds to it’s distinctive flavor. This natural, herbal tea has been known for it’s medicinal reasons and is great to drink after a meal as a digestif.


- How to use: Use all parts of the plant stems leaves and flowers are equally fragrant and beneficial. You’ll need 1-2 springs per tea cup, dosage on taste. With your fingers or with a pair of scissors, cut springs in 3cm / 1.5 inch pieces. Simmer for approximately 5 minutes in boiled water, covered. Strain and serve alone or with honey.

Mrs. Tip: Pair with Greek Thyme honey and lemon for added health benefits and flavor.

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GREEK Mountain Tea