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        Hot Sauce Bottle

        Homemade with love by Mandolin Aegean Bistro 5 oz

        MLM Candle

        Burn time: 60 hoursWax: soy blend 8.5 Oz CandleCotton wick - Soy blend. Antidris Cassis: Cassis, White Rose, Bergamot Antidris Jasmine: Jasmine, White Musk, Italian Orange No.01 Scalpay: Lemon Grass, Beach Grass, Summer...

        Metal Tumbler - Blue Leaf

        Hand-painted metal tumblers. Measure 4.5" in height and 3" in diameter. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted in India.  No pieces are the same Hand-painted  Wash by hand

        Sea Salt Flakes Box

        A band of brothers navigating the exotic waters of artisan salts. Their journey inspired their company and their love for the all-natural salts became their compass. Their country is the cradle...

        Evil Eye Glass

        The meaning of the evil eye is to protect you from evil. Can be hung directly on the wall. Made of thick glass. Mini 2 in Extra Small 2.2 in Small 2.8...

        Fig Salami

        100% plant-based fig salami, made from premium figs, pepper or cinnamon and dried fruits or nuts. They are GMO free and have no added sugars. No refrigeration necessary.  

        Lia Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

        Characterized by a medium olive fruitiness that comes from green olives. Medium fruity of green banana, red fruits, flowers, green apple, artichoke and wild herbs admirably balanced on bitter and pungent components,...

        Sea Salt Flakes Glass Jar

        Used as a finishing salt or at the end of cooking. Just crush it gently between your fingertips and sprinkle it.  

        MLM Perfume Oil

        15 ML Formulated without parabens, sulfates & phthalates Antidris Cassis: Cassis, White Rose, Bergamot Antidris Lime: Lime Pepper, Basil, Mandarin Zest No.02 Le Long Fond: Hinoki Wood, Patchouli, Cedarwood No.03 L'Etang Noir: Vanilla, Tobacco Flower, Amberwood No.04 Bois De Balincourt: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amberwood No.05 Kandilli: Tropical Tuberose, White...

        MLM Eau De Parfum

        50 ML  Formulated without parabens, sulfates & phthalates Antidris Cassis: Cassis, White Rose, Bergamot No.02 Le Long Fond: Hinoki Wood, Patchouli, Cedarwood No.04 Bois De Balincourt: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amberwood No.09 Vallee De Farney: Grapefruit, Patchouli, Vetiver  No.12 Bousval: Italian Bergamot, Valencia Orange, White Ginger Flower

        MLM Body Lotion

        8 FL OZ Fomulated with plant derived ingredients such as Organic Jojoba, Sunflower and Organic Avocado oils. Infused with Green Tea, Cucumber, Oats and Blueberry Lotions are free of parabens, phthalates,...

        Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

        Natural product that comes from the simple crushing of the olive, without extracts and additives. Cultivated with care we pay great respect towards the product, environment and customer using eco friendly...

        Aegean Isle Oregano Glass Jar

        This variety (Oregano Onites) prospers in low altitudes and in proximity of the sea, mainly across the islands of the Aegean. How to use: With your fingers, crumble the leaves and...

        Greek Green Olives Whole

        Whole Greek Green Olives from are from olives groves in Northern Greece. Hand-picked and carefully processed to maintain their nutritional value and distinctive taste. Ingredients: Whole green olives of Chalkidiki, water, salt,...

        Pure Greek Honey

        This pure honey is unheated and unfiltered, to preserve its nutritional benefits and highlight its delicate taste and aroma.

        Mango Wood Two Piece Server Colored Handle

          Orange and White dip dyed handles Color and mango wood grain patterns make each piece unique Hand-painted Do not leave in sitting water Wash by hand This item is food...


        Greek Pine Honey - Classic

        100% all-natural honey, without any artificial additives or flavorings. Raw and unheated. Naturally gluten-free.

        Oregano from Taygetus Glass Jar

        A high quality, classic oregano. Greece happens to be where the most praised varieties come from and Mount Taygetus is home to the most popular of all Greek oreganos.  How to...

        Greek Green Peppers

        Mild pepperoncini peppers in vinegar brine are an all-natural superior quality mild pepper grown in fields of Northern Greece.  Ingredients: Green peppers, water, salt, wine vinegar, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium metabisulfite...

        Urban Apothecary Diffuser

        This diffuser refill is produced to enable continuous enjoyment of this fragrance for 12 weeks and comes with replacement black reeds. Size: 200ml / 7.00 fl. oz. (est. 2+ month) 

        MLM Body & Hand Wash

        8 FL OZ Formulated using natural ingredients derived from plants that include a special blend of banana extract and coconut and sunflower oils that help moisturize and clean. Supplemented with Ginko...

        Organic Fig Marmalade

        Made with organic fresh without any artificial flavorings or preservatives. 

        Mandarin Marmalade

        This fine authentic marmalade is made seasonally, from the sweetest fruits picked from our own estates at Costa Navarino. Prepared in small batches at a local workshop according to a traditional recipe,...

        Compagnie De Provence Liquid Soap 10 FL OZ

        Experience liquid Marseille soap as it is most luxurious and nurturing. 10 fl. oz

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        Unique Greek Sage Glass Jar

        Beautiful leaves of Sage come from a lovely couple of farmers, who cultivate local varieties of herbs on the island of Crete. The infusion of sage has been one of the...

        Greek Kalamata Olives Whole

        Harvested by hand, the olives are picked in late fall and naturally cured to keep their exceptional taste and premium quality. Ingredients: Kalamata olives, water, salt, wine vinegar Packaging: 360g/12.7oz.

        Agrilia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

        Early harvest : OctoberHigh PolyphenolsFamily Estate on the small, picturesque island of Antiparos, GreeceMonovarietal: KoroneikiLimited productionOlives pressed within 3 hours of harvest Intense green, fruity aroma with notes of freshly-cut grass,...

        Compagnie De Provence Glass Liquid Soap 16.7 FL OZ

        Experience liquid Marseille soap as it is most luxurious and nurturing. Naturally glycerined, it gently cleanses the skin.Presented in a lacquered glass pump-bottle with a timeless and contemporary design which uses the...

        $38.00 – $46.00 Select optionsSelect options

        Capiz Placemats - Set of 4

        The carefully woven capiz placemats are made of durable bamboo and finished with shells that instantly transport you to the heart of summer Woven rattan with shell border 35 cm wide

        GrayBonePinkYellowLight blueBeigeBlue

        Greek Forest Honey - Robust

        100% all-natural honey, without any artificial additives or flavorings. Raw and unheated. Naturally gluten-free.

        Beldi Small Glass

        Each glass is hand blown and comes with little bubbles of air and imperfections which make each piece one of a kind. Dishwasher safe

        Crushed Roasted Eggplant

        This authentic eggplant purée is prepared from only the finest quality ingredients direct from the sun drenched fields of the Peloponnese. The eggplants are hand-picked when they have ripened to perfection...

        Wild Thyme Flowers Glass Jar

        Thymus capitatus is the thyme variety that populates the rocky coastlines of Greece. How to use: Use a pestle or crumble with your fingers. You will need a couple of blossoms...

        Linen Palm Dishtowel

        100% linen dishtowel, 18”x24” Machine Washable

        Eleia Balsamic Vinegar

        Sweet balsamic vinegar which has been aged for two years in oak barrels. Packaging: 1/5 L glass bottle

        Rosemary Leaves Glass Jar

        Hand-picked at the peak of their potency from an organic family farm in Central Greece. This Greek rosemary offers a pleasant piney, balsamic flavor to meals, without being bitter.  How to...

        Oregano from Taygetus Bouquet

        Naturally dried and hand-rubbed oregano bunches from Taygetus. 36 grams per bunch

        Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Dip

         Low in sugar and free from pre-servatives, this dip is prepared for the whole family to relish.  500g/17.6oz

        OC Clay Bowl

        Brown Speckled Clay  Approx 8" x 2"

        Multi-Swirl Enamelware Mug

        12 OZ Enamelware mug Dishwasher Safe Ok to use on oven, grill, stovetop, campfire Do not use in microwave Don’t use abrasive cleansers or hard water stain removers on the surface...

        Lemon creamMintCobalt