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Simple Pleasures

Aegean Melon Salad

Typically, when we think of a Mediterranean melon salad, we think of watermelon with feta which is amazing, no doubt – and a Mandolin summer staple. In fact, in Greece and in Turkey we eat feta with all types of melons. One of my favorite melons is cantaloupe because of its sweetness. It is abundant […]

Simple Pleasures

Pillow Game

Definition: home·bod·y /ˈhōmˌbädē/ noun: homebody; plural noun: homebodies a person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home. Curling up on my comfy sofa, flipping through a magazine with a warm beverage is one of my top favorite simple pleasures. Coffee or tea, dependent on the time of day, I look forward […]

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