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A ritual is a ceremony or act performed in a customary way. Something we do daily, or weekly, they are very therapeutic. Our daily rituals can be very therapeutic and unique to each one of us – we all have them and we conduct them in our own manner. It can be as simple as watering the plants, or making your morning cup of coffee. For others, it’s their work out routine or daily mantra. It is those uncomplicated, beautiful moments that make our day-to-day ‘ours.’ 

I’ll never forget being young, one of my most vivid memories of my mother was watching her put on her make up every morning – the way she did it was so ritualistic. She would sit down at her lit up vanity and pull out her make up kit, and ‘put on her face’, and it marked me for life – and in fact lead me to a career in the beauty industry. The way she applied her beauty creams and her make-up, was the same routine every day, she never skipped a step, and everything was in the correct sequence. I knew that sequence by heart. I think what I love most about rituals is that it takes you on a sensorial trip. It’s not just about the ceremony, but about using every one of our senses.

With having such a hectic life, working on projects all the time, it’s creating the time for those small little moments for myself that stay sacred for me. Just like my mother, it’s my beauty rituals. 

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