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Simple Pleasures

Morning, Noon, Night

an excerpt from Soho House’s book Lunch at MandolinInspired by the tavernas of Aegean coastal towns, the original Mandolin Aegean Bistro was opened by Turkey-born Ahmet Erkaya and Greek-Canadian Anastasia Koustioukis in Miami in 2009. It was one of Nick Jones’ favorite places to east during the development of Soho Beach House, sowing the seeds […]

Simple Pleasures

Gee Beauty

A ritual is a ceremony or act performed in a customary way. Something we do daily, or weekly, they are very therapeutic. Our daily rituals can be very therapeutic and unique to each one of us – we all have them and we conduct them in our own manner. It can be as simple as […]

Mrs. Mandolin is the story of our life and travels.

- anastasia koutsioukis -

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